Greetings to you in the name of Christ!

First and foremost, I want to give thanks for the incredible sermon that Angela Underwood brought for us last week! It is truly a gift that Marlow has so many talented and willing servants in our midst! I am so glad to be back home with you this Sunday! As many of you know, I took a week to go with my family to North Carolina to relax and to celebrate the marriage of a very close family friend. We all need time throughout our lives to find rest and peace outside of our busy lives. While in North Carolina I had the chance to play with my two-year old nephew, I hiked with my family, I shopped with my mom, and I relaxed by the fire with old friends. All of these helped to give my soul some much needed nourishment and my body some much needed restoration.
God knows that we need the time to step away from our responsibilities. At the heart of the Sabbath law is the understanding that all people need a break from time to time. Not only does this break allow us to gather the strength required to go through another week of work and life, but it also gives us the chance to refocus ourselves for the week ahead. Bringing our best service and witness to God’s work requires that we regularly step back for a moment of sabbath. For every person there will be different things that allow them to fill their emotional and spiritual batteries. Some feel most renewed after enjoying the company of friends, others need time on their own. Some find rest in reading, others in gardening. There is so much that gives life to us. But the most important part of Sabbath is to spend time refocusing on God. We do this through worship and through prayer. When we seek to rejuvenate our minds and bodies, we must also rejuvenate our spirits. That way we bring all our best to God’s work in the world throughout the week.
May this time of worship allow each of us to rejuvenate our spirits so that we may serve God in our lives to the best of our ability

May you go throughout the week with your minds and hearts open to receiving a new word from an old story!

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