Due to the Hurricane and no power, Our church service will not be held this Sunday. But we will be open Sunday to give out water, flood buckets and other things. For the latest on our efforts to help the community, visit our Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/MarlowUMC 

God Bless.

Online September 13, 2020 1
Online September 13, 2020 2


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Marlow History from PBS

09/13/2020 Rev Sarah Jones: How To Forgive

09/06/2020 Rev Sarah Jones: How to Handle Conflict

08/30/2020 Rev Sarah Jones: A Change of View

08/23/2020 Rev Sarah Jones: A Change of Name

08/16/2020 Rev Sarah Jones: A Change of Heart

08/09/2020 Rev Sarah Jones: How Beautiful

08/02/2020 Rev Sarah Jones: Just Because

07/26/2020 Rev Sarah Jones: Abyss Mystery and Wonder

07/19/2020 Rev Sarah Jones: Awakening to Beauty

07/12/2020 Rev Sarah Jones: Warmed by the Son

07/05/2020 Rev Sarah Jones: Beguiled by Beauty

06/28/2020 Will Underwood: Caring for God’s Creation

06/21/2020 Rev Sarah Jones: Shine A Little Light.

06/14/2020 Rev Sarah Jones: Deep Peace

06/07/2020 Rev Sarah Jones: God With Us

05/31/2020 Rev Colby Leonard: A Patchwork People

05/24/2020 Rev Sarah Jones: Ascension Sunday

05/17/2020 Rev Colby Leonard: Bound Together

05/10/2020 Rev Sarah Jones: Church Mothers

05/03/2020 Rev Colby Leonard: Home Bound

04/26/2020 Rev Sarah Jones: What are you carrying

04/019/2020: Rev Sarah Jones. Tight Spaces

04_12_2020 Easter Sunday Service: Rev Sarah Jones

04/10/2020 Good Friday Service: Rev Sarah Jones

04/09/2020 Maunday Thursday: Rev Sarah Jones

04/05/2020: Rev Sarah Jones. “Walking Together”

03/29/2020 Rev Sarah Jones. “Never to Late” 

03/22/2020: Rev Sarah Jones. “New Every Morning”

03/13/2020: Rev Sarah Jones. “Water from the Rock”

03/08/2020: Rev Sarah Jones. “Born Again”

03/01/2020: Rev Sarah Jones. “Fasting for Lent”

02/23/2020: Rev Sarah Jones. “Up the Mountain”

02/016/2020: Rev Sarah Jones. “It Has Been Said”

02/09/2020: Rev Sarah Jones. “The Pursuit of Righteousness”

02/02/2020: Rev Sarah Jones. Call to be Fools

01/26/2020: Rev Sarah Jones. Same Mind, Same Service

01/19/2020: Rev Sarah Jones: You Are Not Lacking

01/12/2020: Rev Sarah Jones. Well Pleased

01/05/2020: Rev Sarah Jones. Fit for a King

12/29/2019: Rev Sarah Jones. First Sunday after Christmas

12/22/2019: Rev. Sarah Jones. Trust For The Journey

12/15/2019: Rev Sarah Jones. Joy for the Journey

12/08/2019: Rev Sarah Jones. Hope for the Journey

12/01/2019: Rev Sarah Jones. Peace for the Journey

11/24/2019: Rev Sarah Jones. Giving Thanks

11/17/2019, Rev. Sarah Jones: Joy Is Coming

11/10/2019 Rev Sarah Jones: The What If Game

School Bells 11/10/2019 Children’s Choir 

11/03/2019 Rev Sarah Jones: A Call To Hope

10/27/2019 Rev.Jones A Pharisee and Tax Collector

 10/20/2019 Rev. Sarah Jones: Inspired and Useful.

10/06/2019 Rev. Macon Armistead. Calling Costs.

09/29/2019 Carl Hanson, Hiding My Light Under a Basket

09/22/2019 Rev. Sarah Jones. Creation at Risk

09/18/2019 All Hallows Eve. Rev Sarah Jones: Christ and Culture

09/15/2019: Rev Sarah Jones. Creation Out of Chaos.

09/08/2019: Rev Sarah Jones. Live and Death in Creation

09/01/2019: Rev Sarah Jones. Care for Creation

08/25/2019: Rev Sarah Jones. By Water and the Spirit

08/18/2019: Rev Sarah Jones. Christ and Culture

08/11/2019: Rev Sarah Jones. Table and Pulpit.

08/04/2019: Rev Sarah Jones. Head and Heart

07/28/2019: Rev Sarah Jones. Form and Power.

07/21/2019 Rev. Sarah Jones: Personal plus Social

07/14/2019 Rev Sarah Jones. Word Plus Spirit

07/07/2019 Rev Sarah Jones: Kerygma: Faith + Works

06/30/2019 Rev Sarah Jones: For Freedoms Sake

06/24/2019 Rev Sarah Jones: What are You Doing Here?

06/16/2019 Rev Sarah Jones: Gifts of the Suffering

06/09/2019 Rev Sarah Jones: Earth Wind and Fire

06/02/2019 rev Sarah Jones.

05/26/2019 Rev Sarah Jones: Waiting on the Lord

05/19/2019 Rev Sarah Jones:

05/12/2019 Rev Sarah Jones: Eschet Chayil Woman of Valor

05/05/2019 Rev Sarah Jones:

04/28/2019 Rev Sarah Jones: Lost and Found

04/21/2019 Rev Sarah Jones: I have Seen the Lord